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Stabila Twin Set 4ft + 2ft Combi Set 96-2-120 & 96-2-60 120cm & 60cm


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STABILA Combi Set 96-2-120 & 96-2-60


STABILA Combi Set including the 96-2-120 and 96-2-60. On site a level can get dropped and has to take a lot of hard wear. So, it’s important that the level stays accurate job after job. With two vertical vials it helps you take a reading in any position. The tough reinforced aluminum profile, together with the STABILA locked vial system is the ideal combination on any harsh building site. Because the purpose of our levels is to be accurate and stay accurate.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-rigid aluminium profile with reinforcing ribs – for high stability and secure hold while working.

Two vertical vials for quick readings in any position.

End caps with an anti-slip stopper – for a firm seat when marking.

Shock-absorbing end caps – the two-component material mix protects the profile against impact.

Removable end caps – exact positioning and marking right up into the corners.

Easy to clean thanks to the electrostatic powder coating.

Spirit level with two pr

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