BH Dinger

Sharing not only the styling of the original bucket handles but also the metal composition, you get ultimate tool control and jointing performance with a Ding’er, Shallow weather tight polished joints uniformed across all gauges.

The unique handle offers maximum knuckle clearance yet maintains full control on even the most awkward of reaches.

The neat shallow bucket handle finish isn’t just what bricklayers are looking for but architects too, offering a better water runoff and lower wind drag across the surface, great to look at and great for the structure.

With a standard and Large set in your tool bucket uniformed joints on varying widths are a doddle easily blending 7-19mm joints and ensuring a shallow weather tight joint the whole way.

The Ding’er’s composition offers top mortar holding and beautiful joint polishing just like the original bucket handles, a standard we are all familiar with.

Save time and money with easy uniformed neat joints.