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Kapro 995 Vulcan Level K995180


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The K995 Level is the new generation of box levels with all the innovative features contractors rely on. The Vulcan has a reinforced aluminium frame in a unique shape, that makes a ledge along the levels profile, for easy grip and better handling. It is designed with two finely milled faces and one V groove for easy placement on pipes and curved surfaces, making this tool perfect for plumbing and insulation repair. The level is equiped with 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials including Kapro’s patiented plumb side dual view vial. The plumb side vial supplies a direct view of the vertical vial, without having to twist or bend your neck to view, for easy and accurate readings every time. It has a large ergonomic biomaterial handle that provides a comfortable soft feel touch. Kapro’s wall grip feature allows you to keep the level against a flat surface with one hand without scratching or damaging the wall.

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