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Kapro 870G VHX Prolaser VIP


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The Kapro 870G VHX Prolaser VIP is the answer to working on a dusty site when working with laser levels, with the level having the highest International Protection (IP) rating against dust ensuring the laser will last. This laser is protected enough to allow you to work in the rain, and projects high visability green beams, which are better than red beams, as the human eye is 10 times more sensitive to the green colour spectrum so you can see the laser faster and clearer. The laser is user friendly with an indoor range of 30 meters and an outdoor laser range of 60 meters. There is an audio and visual ‘out of level’ warning and you have the ability to view vertical, horixontal and cross beams at 90 degrees. This safe and accurate laser is perfect for any project.

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