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Kapro 883G Prolaser 3D Green All-Lines Laser Level


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The Kapro 883G Prolaser 3D All-Lines has 360 degree beams in every direction, it is designed with 3 lasers, 1 horizontal, 1 side vertical and 1 forward vertical. The laser has a manual mode for tilted marking and pulse mode. This set includes multi-functional magnetic mount, Beamfinder glasses, laser target, Lithium-ion battery, battery charger and a hard carry case. The level is both water and dust resistant, perfect for wiping down and cleaning. All lines are automatic self levelling up to +/- 3 degrees. The perfect level for setting floors and wall tiles, aligning and framing doors and windows and much more.

  • Three 360 degree green laser beams including horizontal, side vertical and forward vertical
  • Indoor laser range of 30 meters (100ft) / Outdoor laser range of 70 meters (230ft) with detector
  • Accuracy of 0.2mm/meter
  • Manual mode for tilted marking
  • Pulse mode

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