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Kapro 108 Plumbers Level


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Kapro’s 108 Plumbing Installation Level is manufactured with two solid acrylic shockproof vials, one vertical which includes Kapro’s patiented plumb side dual view vial, and the other horizontal with gradient lines up to 2%. The plumb side vial supplies a direct view of the vertical vial, without having to twist or bend your neck to view, for easy and accurate readings every time. This level has markers which are designed into the level’s profile at standard sink installation points: 280mm for sink attachment to wall, 150mm for faucet placement and 75mm for water piples below the sink. The level has shock absorbing rubber end caps on either end to prevent the level from getting damaged if it is dropped. Kapro’s wall grip feature allows you to keep the level against a flat surface with one hand without scratching or damaging the wall.

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