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W.Rose 11″ Wide London Leather Handle RO312-11


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W ROSE 11" WIDE LONDON BRICK TROWEL WITH LEATHER HANDLEW Rose have been manufacturing Brick Trowels for over 200 years and renown for exceptional build quality and durability. The W Rose 9" Wide London Blade carries mortar towards the toe of the blade, away from the handle.The blade and shank are forged from a single piece of uniquely formulated carbon steel for extra toughness and consistency. Blades are heat tempered with a special time-tested process to ensure uniform blade hardness. Each W Rose™ masonry trowel features a tapered ground blade for flexibility.Leather handle absorbs moisture with hardwood endcap for tampingVAT INVOICE SUPPLIED Single-piece forged steel creates blade and tang Tempered steel for strength Taper ground blade for flexibility Hand polished to keep mortar centred Precision balanced to minimize wrist fatigue Standard shank allows for ease of movements Premium Leather Handle Wide heel blade is popular for block and stonework Every tool inspected to exacting standards Made in the USA

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