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Nemo GRABO – The electric suction cup


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The Nemo GRABO can grab all manner of materials.
The Nemo GRABOs list of workable materials makes it the perfect choice for dealing with windows, countertops, pavers, doors and panels. It is a game changer in the construction industry as it increases the safety of the workplace, as well as making the work more efficient.

Using the Nemo GRABO benefits any industry that requires the lifting and moving of large or heavy objects. Movers shifting wooden furniture, Pavers working with heavy stone, Tilers making tiling more efficient, to Glaziers fitting windows. If you have a need to move something heavy or awkward then you can benefit from the Nemo GRABO.

These are the materials the Nemo GRABO can work with:

Glass. The GRABO is perfect for a glazier.
Laminated cardboard.
Plastics of all types.
Wood, both rough and smooth.
Metals. The GRABO sees no challenge in picking up metal with diamond plate or other uneven patterned surfaces. It can also handle the smooth side of metal up-to 242Lbs.
Tiles, smooth and patterned/uneven surfaces.
Not all stone will work with this tool. Porous stone, stone with minute holes for water drainage or airflow, will not work with the GRABO. However, the GRABO works great with concrete, paving stones, granite and other less porous stones.
Dry Wall.
Using the Nemo GRABO is simple.
The Nemo GRABO comes with everything you need: The unit, a seal (just in case), a charging cable (comes in two pieces), a spare battery and spare filters.

To use it, simply do the following:

Place the GRABO on the item that you want to move.
Press the green button to activate the vacuum.
Once the vacuum is activated it creates a strong suction allowing it to easily stick to any non-porous surface.
Smoothly lift the item and move it to where you want to place it.
For maximum lift, the vacuum can stay activated even while you are moving your item. The rubber-protected pressure gauge will allow you to always monitor the vacuum pressure level.
Press the red button to release the item.
Using the Nemo GRABO improves efficiency and safety for you and your colleagues.

How much can the Nemo GRABO lift?
The maximum weight a Nemo GRABO can hold depends on two things.

The way you are carrying the material.
They type of material you are carrying.
There are two ways you can use the Nemo GRABO to carry material. Perpendicular and Parallel.

To carry an item perpendicular means, you have placed the Nemo GRABO flat on the top of the material in order to pick it up. You will then be carrying the item with it hanging underneath the GRABO unit, like a shopping bag.

Carrying an item Parallel means, you have the item from the side. This is something you may do with a door, or other large object that you cannot carry in a perpendicular fashion. By attaching the GRABO to the side of the item you can safely carry it beside you to its destination.

Different shapes and sizes of items will need a different approach, so the GRABO is designed to give you a firm and safe hold from both angles.

Lifting Capacity:
Perpendicular Hold parallel lifting by Nemo GRABO vacuum Parallel Hold Suction cup lifting box
Glass 375Lbs ( 170 kg ) 265Lbs ( 120 kg )
Ceramic Tiles 375Lbs ( 170 kg ) 265Lbs ( 120 kg )
Metal 242Lbs ( 110 kg ) 242Lbs ( 110 kg )
Plastic 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 220Lbs ( 100 kg )
Wood 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 143Lbs ( 65 kg )
Rough Slate 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Rough Concrete 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Dry Wall 165Lbs ( 75 kg ) 143Lbs ( 65 kg )
You also need to consider the weight of what you’re lifting to use the GRABO safely. This chart provides you with the safe guidelines for carrying the main materials you will find yourself using with GRABO technology.

It is also important to keep an eye on the pressure gauge you will find on the GRABO itself. This rubber protected gadget will tell you how good your suction is when it is attached to any material, this is especially useful if you are using it to carry a pane of glass.

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