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Marshalltown 3/8″x1/2″ M83 Brick Jointer 10mm & 13mm


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Marshalltown 3/8" & 1/2" Brick Jointer; hardened blade, double-ended, for striking concave joints

Marshalltown's Brick Jointer is the perfect hand tool designed to imprint grooves into recently filled joints, this process improves and tidies the look of brickwork. This brick jointer has two different sized ends for making different size joints, one end is 3/8" and the other is 1/2". Marshalltown's brick jointer is made from high carbon steel for durability and is 10 1/2" in length. The jointer is professionally designed for a comfortable hold and allows for either end of the jointer to be used with ease.

  • Heavy gauge high carbon steel blade for strength and durability
  • Double ended design, one end being 1/2" and the other 5/8"
  • Used to finish the mortar between bricks improving the appearance and lifespan of the joint
  • Manufactured in the USA using top quality materials

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