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KOKORO Philadelphia 11″ Cork Handle Brick Trowel


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KOKORO Philadelphia 11" Cork Handle

This 10 inch Kokoro trowel with a cork handle has the Philadelphia pattern. This pattern has its heel set farther back, and the heel comes to sharp angles.

This high quality trowel is made from a single piece of carbon steel which is forged to professional standards for hard wearing purposes. Speedcrete are proud to be the first supplier of Kokoro trowels to bricklayers in the United Kingdom.

Kokoro is a Japanese word that is often translated as “heart” or “spirit.” However, the concept of kokoro encompasses what a person thinks, feels, and would like to express. It is made of a person’s thoughts and will that drive them forward, the knowledge and experience they have acquired through time.

One’s kokoro lives in everything he or she creates. The creation can be a material or conceptual.

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