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Eazymix Halftime 4bonding Bonding Plaster Accelerator Mix Sachet


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Halftime 4Bonding plaster accelerator is a chemical additive for use with gypsum bonding plaster. The additive speeds up the curing process of the plaster by accelerating the chemical crystal formation that causes plaster to set or harden. Halftime 4Bonding will shorten the setting to 20 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and relative humudity of the environment and the surface being plastered.

Speed up setting times to 20 minutes

For use with pink and grey bonding plasters

Use 1 sachet for every 5 Litres of water with grey bonding plaster (approx. 12.5Kg of plaster)

Use 1 sachet for every 7 Litres of water with pink bonding plaster (approx. 12.5Kg of plaster)

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