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Stanley FatMax® Tape Measure BladeArmor® Tape 8m/26ft (Width 32mm) STA033726


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STA033726 FatMax® BladeArmor® Tape 8m/26ft (Width 32mm)

The Stanley FatMax® BladeArmor® Tape has a Mylar® coated steel blade and an impressive stand-out of 3.35m. The Mylar® coated blade is up to 10 times more resistant to abrasion than normal lacquered blades. Its high-impact ABS plastic case has an oversized rubberised bumper, to prolong the life of the hook. With rubber overmould to deliver additional comfort and control, whilst also increasing durability and impact resistance.

The 3-rivet, corrosion resistant, Tru-zero hook allows for accurate inside and outside measurements. This particular hook also features top, bottom and side hooks for easy above, below or side measurements. The forward blade lock design makes it easier to lock and unlock the blade.

Available with metric only or metric and imperial graduations.

This Stanley FatMax® BladeArmor® Tape has metric and imperial graduations.

Blade Length: 8m/26ft

Blade Width: 32mm

Accuracy: EC Class II

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