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Stanley FatMax® Pro Tape Measure Pocket Tape 8m/26ft (Width 32mm) STA533891


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STA533891 FatMax® Pro Pocket Tape 8m/26ft (Width 32mm)

The Stanley FatMax® Pro Pocket Tape has a Mylar® coated steel blade with large markings and BladeArmor® coating on the first 150mm for extended blade life. This coating makes it 10 times more impervious to damage from wear and tear than your average lacquer coated blade. The 32mm wide blade, offers a stand-out of 4m.

The exceptionally tough bi-material case has incorporated cushion grip areas that provide sturdy, slip-resistant hold. Fitted with a 3-rivet, corrosion resistant, Tru-zero hook that is 150% larger than traditional end hooks. Its shape enables overhead, to the side, as well as the more regular type of measurements.

Available with metric only or metric and imperial graduations.

This Stanley FatMax® Pro Pocket Tape has metric and imperial graduations.

Blade Length: 8m/26ft

Blade Width: 32mm

Accuracy: EC Class II

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