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Stabila TECH 196 DL Digital Spirit Level 183cm STB19824 6ft Electronic Level


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STB19824 TECH 196 DL Digital Spirit Level 183cm

STABILA TECH 196 DL Digital Spirit Levels are especially suitable for taking exact measurements in carpentry, joinery, kitchen installation, stair installation and civil engineering. Ideal for architects to check completed work, e.g . the slope of a balcony. Perfect tool for use in gardening and landscaping work for example when laying a garden path on a slope.

STABILA integrated vial technology, LOCKED VIALS ensure long term accuracy. The two digital displays can be illuminated at the touch of a button for optimum readability. Measures inclinations, slopes and angles. Acoustic guidance allows you to align components quickly. No calibration required. Calibration of the electronic system is not necessary during daily use even if the product is dropped or following temperature fluctuations.

ULTRA PROTECT provides optimum protection against dust and water as per IP 67. The spirit level can temporarily be submerged in water. Buttons are easier to clean as the membrane keypad is less sensitive. Shock absorbing end caps help to protect the profile. With slip stoppers for a firm hold when marking. They can be removed for exact positioning right up into the corners.

Supplied with a practical spirit level case.


Display modes: °, %, mm/m, in/ft.

Digital Inclination Measurement: 0° and 90°: ± 0.05°, 1° to 89°: ± 0.1°.

1 x STABILA TECH 196 DL Digital Spirit Level 183cm.

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