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Spectre Woodscrew 5.0x60mm Box 100 Yellow Zinc


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Spectre Woodscrew 5.0x60mm Box 100 Yellow Zinc

Stock Code: SPE560Y

Size: 5.0 x 60mm

Spectre by Forgefix incorporates a long list of advanced screw features, often only found in premium screws, into what we've named advanced multi-purpose woodscrews.

• Head: Countersunk pozidrive compatible recessed.

• Finish:Zinc Yellow Passivated.

• Advanced multi-purpose design.

• Anti corrosion coating.

• Reamer to prevent jacking (50mm and above).

• Sawtooth to prevent splitting.

• Fully threaded up to 50mm.

• Quick start type 17 slash point.

• Surface hardened.

• Synthetic lubrication.

• CE approved for use in load-bearing timber construction.

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