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PlaziFlex 14″ Plastic Trowel Blade


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Durable construction

Replaceable blades & range of sizes

Excellent finish & lightweight to use

No need for splashing water on final coat

Cover large areas with less trowel pressure

Easier on the arm & joints

Flexible 1.0mm blade suitable for curved surfaces

For multi finish & skimming

PLAZIFLEX blades are produced in the UK

The trowels have a flexiback design that gives flexibility across the blade width but rigidity along the length

These blades are used with the mini trowels. The mini trowels have a stainless steel blade with alloy shank and soft handle; they slot into the plastic blade holder bracket on the flexible plastic blade

Use the PLAZIFLEX after the wet trowel (normally steel trowel) application then dry trowel and final cross trowel to finish

It's a lot easier going on the arm, the plastic just glides over the surface and brings up the surface to a tight polished finish

The plastic blades allow easier and faster closing in and flattening of the final finish coat. There is less nee

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