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Marshalltown Tile Nippers MT91


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Tile Nippers
The MARSHALLTOWN Tile Nippers comes in three different styles: Tile Nippers (8½”), Compound Tile Nippers (9″), and Glass Tile Nippers (8″). Both the standard and Compound Nippers are used to remove small pieces or irregular edges from tile. The rugged carbide tips are great for cutting curves or shapes. The difference between the two is that the Compound Tile Nippers have extra leverage that requires less effort. The Glass Tile Nippers have round blades that evenly cut both sides of tile. You can use them to cut straight lines or small precision cuts in glass mosaic tiles, and the blade can be rotated to keep them sharp. All three come with comfortable soft-grip handles and a lasting cast steel body.
Three different styles: Tile Nippers, Compound Tile Nippers, Glass Tile Nippers
Comfortable soft-grip handles
Lasting cast steel body

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