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Marshalltown ProSkim Spatula MSKIM80


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Marshalltown's ProSkim Spatula (80cm) is designed for speed, convenience and improved quality of finish. Perfect for plastering, rendering and smoothing drywall compound. The length of the blade allows for more work to be completed quicker, especially large areas, and the flexibility of the blade give a consistent, flat finish with less fatigue for the user. It's 0.3mm flexible stainless steel blade provides a smooth finish and optimal blade flex. The curved edges of the blade allow the user to get into tight spaced corners without scratching or damaging any other surfaces. The handle is ergonomically designed to make prolonged use more comfortable with it's easy to hold grip. The ProSkim can also be used with an attachable quick clamping bracket and pole to make smoothing ceilings and tall walls easy.

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