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Marshalltown 14″x5″ Stainless Steel PermaShape Finishing Trowel Wood Handle MPB14SS


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This Marshalltown Finishing Trowel is crafted from the highest quality hardened and tempered stainless steel blade. The blade on this trowel is designed with pre worn edges to give a broken-in shape to eliminate line and ripple marks right from the start. The aluminium alloy mountings are fully heat treated for strength, it is polished and machine finished to ensure an ideal handle-to-post-fit, and are lightweight but extremely strong. The hardened steel rivets, holding the mounting to the blade, are properly sized and computer fitted for added strength. Since Marshalltown trowels are not welded, there is no embrittlement problem to cause premature breaking. This trowel is fitted with a shaped wooden grip which offers a smooth and comfortable grip.

  • Stainless steel blade increases durability and reduces the likeliness of rusting
  • Broken-in shape eliminates line and ripple marks
  • Aluminium alloy mountings are fully heat treated for strength and machine finished
  • No welds which means no embrittlement problem to cause premature breaking
  • Shaped wooden handle for a smooth and comfortable grip

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