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Irwin Joran Mortar Rake Starter Kit 8mm IRW10507267


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IRW10507267 Mortar Rake Starter Kit 8mmThe IRWIN carbide tipped mortar rake kit is a power tool accessory for the fast and efficient removal of mortar and cement joints in brickwork repointing applications and for chasing out channels for the installation of cable, pipes and switchboxes.Supplied with 3 aluminum reduction rings (41mm, 42.5mm and 43mm), meaning that the sole plate fits the most popular angle grinders on the market.The sole plate ensures consistent clearance depth and is adjustable for variable clearance depths. It is less intrusive to surrounding brickwork and is a good alternative to working with demolition chisels or grinding discs, which can easily cause damage.Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the mortar rake. Only use mortar rakes with adaptor and sole plate.The IRW10507267 Mortar Rake Starter Kit comes with the following:1 x Sole plate.2 x 3-cutters (8mm).1 x Adaptor.3 x Aluminium reduction rings (41mm, 42.5mm and 43mm).

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