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DAT Tools Brick Bolster, Pre set Angle / Length Brick Chisel / Bolster


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Introducing DAT Brick Bolster:

A game changer in a world of ordinary bolsters.


Upgrade your bricklaying toolkit with DAT Brick Bolster, a cost-saving and eco-friendly cutting tool that requires no power supply. Effortlessly adjust cutting angles from 0° to 45° with the adjustable chisel head and trigger switch for precise and versatile cuts.

Equipped with a 100mm blade, this brick cutter ensures precision cutting of bricks, preset measurements ranging from 80mm to 220mm. The high-quality steel and tough ABS body guarantee exceptional durability, while the ergonomically designed handle ensures safe and comfortable handling.

DAT Brick Bolster is an essential tool for any bricklayer. Invest in this durable and reliable tool to save you time and money on your jobs.

  • DAT Brick Bolster cuts bricks faster!
  • Cost-Saving & Eco-Friendly |
  • No power supply required, saving costs & reducing environmental impact.
  • Easy Angle Adjustments |
  • Effortlessly adjust cutting angles 0° to 45° with the adjustable chisel head and trigger switch, ensuring precise & versatile cuts.
  • Precision Cutting |
  • The 100mm blade cuts 80-220mm for precise cutting of bricks, pavers & cement blocks, making it the perfect tool for bricklayers.
  • High-Quality |
  • Made with quality steel & a tough ABS body, this brick cutter guarantees exceptional durability & a long lifespan.
  • Safety & Comfort |
  • The ergonomically designed handle ensures safe & comfortable handling, reducing the risk of accidents & minimizing user fatigue.