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A43 Threadlock 25ml Nutlock Studlock Thread Locksealer (Medium) Loctite Bond It


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Mechanics Thread Lock Locks Screws Bolts Threads Prevents Corrosion A43 25ml Like Locktite

Brand New Premium Trade Quality Product and Now with all New updated Glue Monster design, unleash the monster!

Part of the Glue Monster range from Bond It.

A premium Trade Quality Product, Bond It A43 THREADLOCK can be used for fixing and sealing of plugs, through bolts and studs into castings/casings, etc.

A medium viscosity, medium strength, screw and threadlocker. Capable of bonding “As Received” parts covered with a light film of oil. Non-drip consistency for clean, economic application.

Used as a locking compound for direct application to lightly oiled components. Replaces spring washers and lock nuts. Allows for disassembly using the correct tools. Also prevents rusting or corrosion.

Ideal for rebuilding engines where by some parts are being recycled/cleaned up, versus all brand new parts where by Bond It A70 can also be used for application. (A70 requires no oil residues present, ie only new parts. where as A43 here will work with slightly oiled parts, ie a sump bolts/plug but also new pre oiled parts.


Remove heavy oil and grease contamination. Best results are obtained on clean parts.

At the least a good wipe with dry tissue is required!


Apply sufficient adhesive to coat the treads. The adhesive will start to cure on exclusion of air from the bonding system. Observe handling and strength times stated below.

  • Assuming room temperature is 20 C
  • Handling: < 15 minutes
  • Full strength: 24 hours


A43 THREADLOCK is designed for metal bonding. Users should satisfy themselves as to the products efficacy when used in conjunction with engineering rubbers and plastics. Not recommended for use with accelerators. The strength of the Threadlock bond will be substantially lower on Stainless Steel. On certain grades it may not work at all without the use of an activator. It is the user’s responsibility to check suitability of this product with their particular application.



  • Chemical Composition: Modified methacrylic ester compounds
  • Appearance: Blue medium viscosity, thixotropic liquid, capable of fluorescence
  • Viscosity 2500 mPa.s
  • Specific Gravity 1.04


Typical properties – tested on mild steel nut & bolt

  • Gap Filling Up to 0.1mm
  • Break Away Torque 20Nm
  • Prevail Torque 7Nm
  • Service Temperature Range -53 to + 150o C

Includes 25ml

Made by Bond It, a UK manufacturer of various silicone sealants, adhesives, A43 + A70 ThreadLock/StudLock & many other products for the Professional Trade & DIY.

This product is ideal for all DIY & Professional Trade alike.

Any questions just ask and we’ll do our best to help.

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